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Please notice, there is undergoing reconstruction during summer 2020 daily from 10 am to 5 pm. During this period, guests may experience some noise or light disturbances.


Your stay at Magical Pond will be a special experience. Our packages are something joyful, pleasant and relaxing. Winter package in addition to night in our glass igloos includes outdoor activities with huskies and reindeer, delicious dinner made of local food, tasty breakfast and evening snack.

Find more information about each activity on the bottom of this page. Book your activity package from this page. In case you would like to book just accommodation, please proceed to page “Book Now”. If you would like to book a package and additional nights, please contact our sales office: sales@magicalpond.com 


Husky safari

These arctic creatures will not leave you indifferent. Huskies love to run fast, so get ready to ride with your own dog team!
Riding a sled on Lammintupa’s terrain is really easy. Husky safari starts from a short instructions from experienced guides on how to drive a sled. The sled is always shared with other person: one is a driver and other can enjoy views in a sled. You will be able to try both roles and change with your partner on a half way. For safety reasons children have to sit in a sled with an adult. 

After safari you will have plenty of time to spend with puppies and of course make pictures with them! 

Reindeer safari

Reindeer safari is a slow and relaxing adventure. All you need to do is to sit in the sledge and enjoy the views. Listen to the snow crunching under reindeer’s hoof. Watch trees passing by and breath a fresh air in.

During this safari you will get to know more about reindeers and will be able to feed them. 

Ice-carting and mini snowmobile

Ice-carting is exciting race, that takes place on an ice track. This activity fits well for a speed lover, but also for everyone willing to try something new. 
It’s totally safe, try you driving skills and enjoy the speed! 

Height limit for ice carting is 150 cm. Instead ice-carting small children can drive a small snowmobile themselves! Lammintupa has small and safe track specifically for mini snowmobile. 


All food offered throughout your stay contains local wild food. Most of the dishes are made by local recipes. Dinner in our programs is one of the experiences you will be able to gain. Kuusamo’s salmon or vendace, or a sauteed reindeer, local cheese, handmade bread and many other delicacies will be served during your stay. 
In Lammintupa’s restaurant you will find delicious buffet dinner. Cozy and christmasy atmosphere and tasty dinner will be perfect completion of your day.
Dinner in a warm Lappish hut is an atmospheric place to have a three-course dinner. Food is served by the fire. 
After dinner a flavorful evening snack will be waiting for you in the igloo.