Magical Pond is a quality and atmospheric igloo village, that has been built on a land where Johanna, an owner, has spent her childhood. Her family has owned it since 1885. The idea of building igloo village was born on one magical night, in a forest, when the sky suddenly was lightened by Northern Lights. To see Aurora Borealis is something empowering; something, that brings mindfulness. On that night we thought, that these moments are something each should experience at least ones in a lifetime.

Among daily rush and stress, we highly appreciate wellbeing and these moments with nature are something we value most. We want to create a place, where our guests can experience silence, admire pure nature and spend magical night in a cozy igloo. We visit Northern Finland many times a year to experience inner peace for one more time. We hope, that you will experience this with us during your visit!

Next to igloo village there is Johanna’s sister’s established café Lammintupa Winter Village. They are offering wealthy experience for visitors to help them to get to know Lapland’s exotic animals and taste wild food, that is made of local raw materials.

Welcome to our guest, Johanna, Pauli & Bianca