Our company has chosen to dedicate to a level of social, cultural, environmental and economical responsibility. Sustainability is a big part of our everyday life. We want to build a company that takes in attention following aspects: ecologogy, ethics, local culture, quality and safety.

Nature is what we appreciate the most. Through local forests and its inhabitants we want to show our guest why it is important to take care of our nature. Through our services and design elements in the rooms we want our guests to be acquainted with local suppliers and products.

We develop our business and services using sustainable principles. We want to make our accommodation to be in constant development whereas environment is in one of the main roles.

Our promises:

  • We follow rules and acting according laws
  • We are treating everyone equally
  • Finnish and local culture is part of our services
  • We educate our staff about sustainability
  • We make our destination/hotel safe for everyone
  • We offer quality product

Here is what we do to make our planet, our destination and our product better:

  • 100% of electricity we use is generated by hydropower, a renewable source of energy
  • We have ground source heat pump in our igloos, it also makes our rooms quieter comparing to other heating systems
  • We use natural and local products for decorations, for example: wooden sink made by Finnish company Woodio, bedding is made of natural material – linen, in addition to it we also have dishes made by local company in Posio Pentik
  • Our goal is to minimalize amount of waste, especially plastic, that is why we use only refillable toiletries
  • Washing liquids we use for cleaning is also certified as environment friendly
  • We employ locals
  • We cooperate with companies that also have sustainable policies, for example Lammintupa is supplying our customers with local wild food